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Meeting opened with a brief recap of hurricane recovery from Xfinity/Comcast.

Charlotte County Sheriffs Office recapped the following...
No arrests in area
No suspicious persons calls
Stolen guns and property a problem...please lock cars as that is where many thefts are occuring
There will be a registration program for golf carts, bicycles once snowbird residents return.
Fraud calls increasing...if it sounds unbelievable it most likely is.

Matt and Golf Course Update...
In good shape now with a strong relationship with Brightview
Club house may be done in several weeks
Membership renewals soon...same price as last year
Non members will get tags when they purchase 9 or 18 holes.
Tags must be displayed when playing and rangers will check  them
Deck behind pro shop will get a new roof and be screened in.
Pro shop will be open to public, members and residents with improved menu and drink options, want it to be a place to have  lunch or drinks in a friendly atmosphere.

Installed on 10/12 & 10/13. You must stop by office with picture ID and complete a form to get keys for new boxes. Is a HUD requirement to maintain certain info.Bulletin boards will be installed for HOA and separate on for Sun to post notices. No more taping items to mailboxes. Mail is In sign will be installed.

Renters must register with office and complete form for background check. New or returning all must do. There is a $40 charge

Storage area revamp will need to wait until next July. No guarantee you will get same spot as efficiency and location will be main concern.

Office construction moving slowly as contractor off job for hurricane damage repair.

New houses being put up. One more on Wendy way and 6 for across the street are in production now.

Dog park they have had only one bid come in and are searching for more contractors to bid on project. New park will be over twice as large as present, with cement approach, double security gates, cement pads inside, black chain link fence, and seating area with shade structure overhead. Much improved over our current situation

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