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Holiday Bazaar
Posted on Wednesday, July 20 @ 12:59:43 CDT (32 reads)
There will be a Holiday Bazaar at the Blue Heron Pines Club House on Saturday, November 12, 2016, 10AM to 3PM. Over 30 vendors and crafters, 50/50 raffle. Help support Cancer Awareness and stop by and join in the fun. For more information contact: Sherree 941-286-0788
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Christmas in July
Posted on Tuesday, July 19 @ 12:57:00 CDT (2 reads)

Sure it's a little early but Hey it only comes once a year. The annual Golf Cart Parade and house decorating contest is on its way. Hopefully Russ Coverdale will be gracious enough to coordinate the event again this year.

The community enjoys this event and it is a great excuse to have a driveway party, and for the cart participants a great way to get free liquor....and I am all about free!

Last year's participation was not what it had been in years past. Hoping this reminder will get some of you to think about maybe participating this year. Carts do not have to be fancy...do not have to have lights...just decorate that bad boy and join the parade fun...and remember the free liquor!

Final details are a way off but will communicate them once we get them. Please consider participating as we would like to have at least 25 carts this year. Remember Santa is watching!

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Posted on Tuesday, July 19 @ 12:55:13 CDT (2 reads)

The word Community as defined in Webster’s Dictionary: • Noun 1. Common possession or enjoyment, participation

The 2016 / 2017 social season is being planned now by some very hard working and committed folks. They do this because they believe in Community as defined above.

Below is a link to the major events for this season. Some really fine events sure to be a big hit with our Community, but we need your help...only 2 things really.

1. We need your participation...buy a ticket, come to the events, meet your fellow Community members share a drink, a dance, have a good time. Drink from the glass as life is short.

2. Volunteer to help. Each event needs a minimal 15 folks to assist. No experience necessary. The more Community members who sign up to help, the easier it becomes. We will once again use the states system to request your help and participation. Below is a link to the events with dates, entertainment, coordinators and their contact info. Reach out as part of a great Community and participate in some enjoyment.

You will be glad you did!

Click Here for Details

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New Community Manager
Posted on Wednesday, July 13 @ 13:43:36 CDT (3 reads)
We now have a new Community Manager. Name & contact info below.

Community Manager
Karen Lawson
Phone: (866) 208-5080
Office Hours:
Monday-Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Stop by say hello and introduce yourself.
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Blue Heron Pines Directory
Posted on Wednesday, July 13 @ 12:15:56 CDT (2 reads)
The latest hard copy version of the Blue Heron Pines Directory is available at the clubhouse on the rack in front of the Billiards & Card Room. We ask that you take one copy per household. These will be available on a consistent basis but as always you can view and print a copy on this website.
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Questionnaire Card
Posted on Wednesday, June 08 @ 08:25:41 CDT (11 reads)
As was discussed at our last HOA meeting we have developed a questionnaire card to allow you to ask Karen Lawson, to address any questions you have concerning our community. These forms are available at the sales office and will also will be in the Clubhouse Library. Once completed you can drop the form off in the Lock Box mailbox outside the sales office and Karen will review your question.

These are the forms we will use for our HOA Meetings during the Community Manager segment to address any community Issues that need to be addressed by Karen.

I hope this will help many who have questions and do not have a means to get them addressed.

I thank you for your support. Have an enjoyable summer.

Click here for a printable version of the questionnaire.
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Remember When
Posted on Tuesday, June 07 @ 15:56:11 CDT (17 reads)
A&W Rootbeer, Oxydol Laundry Detergent, clothes hanging on the line with wood clothespins. If you remember these you will enjoy a trip down memory lane. Click the Remember When page on the left and smile as you remember how life used to be. I was surprised how much I had forgotten and smiled as I read all that I had remembered. Enjoy!
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National Hurricane Center
Posted on Sunday, June 05 @ 13:15:18 CDT (129 reads)
Now that hurricane season has begun, information becomes a tool to stay safe should the weather take a bad turn.

Charlotte County has a historical 10 year average for return hurricane systems. This is the average years between storms over the last 100 years. We are now on borrowed time as we enter year 12 since hurricane Charlie ravaged out piece of paradise.
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Entertainment Committee Planning For Next Season
Posted on Friday, May 06 @ 16:27:40 CDT (90 reads)
Cathy Gesell and her group are already actively planning and booking entertainment for next season. Some great picks and surely some good times ahead. This is just little peek under the tent and more information

Will follow as the dates approach. You can read more by clicking the READ MORE link that follows and we have included some links so you can see some of the groups and what they do.
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Don't Feed the Monster
Posted on Wednesday, April 27 @ 19:08:03 CDT (22 reads)

Don't Feed the Monster

Fertilizer restrictions take effect on June 1st. Be part of the solution....not the problem. Help keep our local ponds and streams clean and free of slime and aggressive aquatic weed growth.

Charlotte County No fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus may be applied from June 1 to Sept. 30 to turf or landscape plants. -


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Hurricane Season is here.
Posted on Wednesday, April 27 @ 14:03:24 CDT (22 reads)

The Snowbirds have migrated North, summer’s heat and humidity will be upon us soon. As the years go on hurricane Charley fades into our distant memory, the it will not happen again mentality sneaks into our mind. Many folks living here now did not experience Charley, and many more have never experienced a hurricane. Therein lies the danger.

The link below will take you to the Charlotte County Hurricane Preparedness document that has all the information regarding hurricanes, their forecasting, potential for damage and death, as well as how to prepare for an advancing storm, where to go, how to create an emergency supply kit and more.

Our slice of paradise is in the strike zone and evacuation is a task the area is not well prepared for. Charlotte County but more importantly Punta Gorda have very few safe shelters ( Punta Gorda only has 3 and none allow pets ) should the next storm hit so preparation is all the more critical.

Please follow the link read the entire pamphlet, print it out and use it to be and stay safe this hurricane season


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