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Mother’s Day Coffee and Donuts
Posted on Monday, April 24 @ 15:09:43 EDT (1 reads)
Free to ALL
HOA Members
Sunday, May 14, 2017
9 am in Clubhouse
signup sheet in Clubhouse

Sponsored by Your HOA!
Questions: Maureen Heger

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Charitable Donations
Posted on Sunday, April 23 @ 15:36:53 EDT (1 reads)

Several residents have expressed a desire for our HOA do more community/charity oriented activities.

At our Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, April 20, 2017 we voted to donate our Share the Wealth at least once a quarter (4 times a year) with a minimum of $50.00 donation.

We would like to donate to different charities that are especially special to our residents. Therefore, we will compile a list and rotate the donations thru the list. If you would like your Charity put on the list please send the name and address of your charity to Maureen Heger at Maureen.heger127@gmail.com.

If you would like to chair a fundraising event please contact Maureen to reserve your date. We will help you anyway we can help.

Maureen Heger

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A New Website for A Dogs Life at BHP
Posted on Saturday, April 22 @ 18:11:34 EDT (2 reads)
For those residents that do not have a Facebook account you can now visit the Dogs Life website at.


Here you will be able to follow all that is happening.
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Posted on Saturday, April 22 @ 13:54:51 EDT (1 reads)

On Thursday, May 4, 2017  3:00 p.m. there will be a meeting at the Blue Heron Pines Club House to discuss the July 4th celebration.


Colin Phelps

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A Dogs Life at BHP
Posted on Saturday, April 22 @ 13:49:43 EDT (1 reads)
Many residents have contacted me regarding the new rules issued by the office regarding dogs. You can read about these rules and the comments of your fellow pet owners and residents by following “A Dogs Life at BHP” If you own a dog and enjoy walking the park so both of you can get some exercise then you need to stay informed of these developments. Also consider becoming a member of the “Have a Heart” group. Information regarding “Have a Heart” can be found on the Facebook page “A Dogs Life”

If you own a dog at Blue Heron Pines? Then click the link below and follow " A Dogs Life at BHP.
Timely information regarding your pet's health and wellbeing, and coverage of the new rule that infringes on the quality of life for you and your furry friend.

A Dog's Life at BHP

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Hurricane Guide and Disaster Planning Guides
Posted on Tuesday, April 18 @ 16:14:13 EDT (1 reads)

Below is the link to the Charlotte County Hurricane guide and evacuation map...some useful information to print out and keep handy during the storm season

Below is the Charlotte County Hurricane Planning Guide:

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Comedy Hour
Posted on Friday, April 07 @ 10:41:04 EDT (3 reads)
FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017
Tickets sold Tues and Thurs at Mail Center
Contact: Maureen Heger
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Football Fanatic
Posted on Tuesday, April 04 @ 13:09:05 EDT (3 reads)

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Blue Heron Bowling League Banquet
Posted on Thursday, March 30 @ 16:43:20 EDT (5 reads)
The Blue Heron Bowling League Banquet was held last night 3/30 with about 70 folks in attendance. It was a great time and a lot of fun. Always amazes me how a group of teetotalers can have so much fun drinking Diet Coke. Many thanks to Rick Schram, Doug Howe and Mark Belknap for their hard work running the league and putting together the dinner each year. All has a fun time and look forward to next year’s action.

Click Here to View Photos
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Mississippi Marbles
Posted on Sunday, March 26 @ 20:51:43 EDT (25 reads)
A big thank you to Dave & Shelley Steingart for running the dice games during this past season. This was the last week and participants enjoyed the last games and a wonderful cookout put on by Dave & Shelley. A lot of work, good food and done by some really nice people. Thanks again to Dave & Shelley.

Click Here to view pictures
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HOW NICE IS THIS! Quilt Presentation
Posted on Wednesday, March 08 @ 12:46:30 EST (98 reads)
Last night at the HOA meeting The Quilters Group made a presentation of two beautiful quilts as a thank you to two very special veterans who reside at BHP. What a nice thing to do...and a special way to thank both of them for their service. Congratulations to Jim Crail and Dick Sommertfelt. Both men served honorably and their families served with them as they completed their service in the armed forces. Below is the presentation and recap of their careers. Please take a moment to read them and congratulate them when you see them in the community. A special thanks to Liz Black and all the quilters that helped create these beautiful quilts. Once I get all their names i will post them here so they can receive the accolades they deserve for such a selfless effort. Good job and a nice thing to do...HOW NICE IS THIS!
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BackPack Kidz Cartwash
Posted on Monday, March 06 @ 14:54:49 EST (9 reads)

Wow what an event !!!... we can not thank you all enough for your generous support for the BACKPACK KIDZ Cart wash ... so many donations .. whew and many many very clean carts hahhaha

As you may know BackPack Kidz program is a special program that feeds over 1000 kids ... from 5 years old to 10 ... in Charlotte county . Imagine that ... 1000 kids that either live in the woods or in homes needing help feeding kids in our own backyard. Gosh this doesn't even address the kids over 10 years old who are going hungry or those on the waiting list to be included in the program.

Peter and Lyn Babbitt look after 220 of those kids every week packing backpacks with food and participating in  fund raisers to keep the program going .  

We are sure this is not the only program our community neighbors support , as we are such a loving and giving community. Gosh at Christmas we sponsored a family .. twin 5 yr olds , a 7 yr old sister and single Mom and they had an extraordinary Christmas thanks to your generosity.  

Thanks so much to Karen for letting us use the Office parking lot and water, Dick and Suzie Cleveland for use of their electrical outlet for the music , Glenn Grieves for deciding to wash all the cart windows after he had his own cart washed !!

We THANK YOU...Pepsi and Laurie , Linda and Dennis, Glenn, Lee , Ronda , Wendy, Lyn, Melissa  

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Back Pack Kidz Cart Wash
Posted on Saturday, March 04 @ 16:28:16 EST (9 reads)
The Golf Cart Wash was a rousing success with a number of your friends and neighbors volunteering to get wet and wash our carts for a good cause....Back Pack Kidz. I will refrain from naming the volunteers as I do not know all the names but I recognize good people doing a nice thing when I see it. The carts came out of the wash looking showroom new. Enjoy the pictures and see the volunteers who donated time and effort for this nice cause. Click Here to enjoy the pictures
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Wildlife and Blue Heron Pines
Posted on Wednesday, February 15 @ 20:33:05 EST (60 reads)
The wildlife that lives in and passes thru BHP is really a treat and their presence here makes our community what it is. It has been noticed that some residents are feeding the wildlife and throwing food into the ponds behind their homes. Doing this makes some species human dependent, and some species such as alligators dangerous. The gators only follow their instincts and feeding them creates an association of humans to food. If a human gets too close and does not have food to offer the human becomes the food in the gators eyes. Please do not feed the wildlife...especially the alligators. We enjoy having them around and if you fed them you endanger them and eventually are committing them to a death sentence if they become aggressive. It isn't right and it is illegal to feed them in Florida. Besides the place wouldn't be the same without Harold!

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