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Clubhouse Decorating Party
Posted on Friday, November 17 @ 16:02:54 EST (0 reads)
Sunday, November 26, 2017
9 am

Come help to kick off the Christmas Season

Questions? Call Maureen Heger
732 259-0596
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Golf Cart Parade Date Change
Posted on Monday, November 13 @ 11:10:36 EST (1 reads)
The new date for the Christmas Golf Cart Parade is now 12/15. Meet at the Clubhouse parking lot by 6:00pm.
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Third Annual Pasta Dinner
Posted on Monday, November 13 @ 09:50:06 EST (1 reads)
Third Annual Pasta Dinner
Sunday December 3, 2017
Clubhouse Parking Lot
2 pm
Tickets $10.00

Homemade Gravy, Pasta, Meatballs, Salad, Bread, Beverage and Dessert.
HOA Sponsored, Maureen Heger Chairperson 732 259-0596
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Gator Tales Delivery Help Needed
Posted on Monday, November 13 @ 09:49:16 EST (1 reads)
We need the help of two volunteers to deliver Gator Tales once per month. The route is Fairway Drive, and we have broken it into two smaller routes to make delivery easier. Each route will be approximately 37 homes. Please contact Gail McNaughtonj #613 Wendy Way, at 941-505-4066
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Veterans Day Breakfast
Posted on Sunday, November 12 @ 14:24:19 EST (0 reads)
A sold out crowd was in attendance for the Veterans Day Breakfast, to honor all the men and women who have served, are serving now, and a moment of reflection for those that made the ultimate sacrifice. A big thank you to Mike Firestone and all his volunteers for giving us all a chance to chat, share breakfast and thank our own veterans here at BHP.

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Coffee House….
Posted on Saturday, November 11 @ 17:20:01 EST (0 reads)
Need your help...ticket sales for the Coffee House have not been going well. Yes we are aware of the issues surrounding ticket sales BUT...this is a new a different event and we need your attendance. Some great music by the Roots, coffee and some fresh pie, all while you listen to a mix of great live music. Tickets will be offered for sale again this Tuesday 11/14 from 2:00pm to 4:00 pm at the mail kiosk. Let's all get behind this one and try something different. Tickets $8.
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BHP Holiday Bazaar
Posted on Saturday, November 11 @ 13:03:36 EST (0 reads)
The BHP Holiday Bazaar was a rousing success and put everyone into the spirit of the season.
Many unique vendors and great food and friends.

CLICK HERE to see the pictures
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Posted on Saturday, November 11 @ 12:59:59 EST (0 reads)

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Veterans Day Breakfast…Final Volunteer Meeting
Posted on Monday, November 06 @ 11:57:07 EST (4 reads)
For anyone interested in helping on the Veteran's Breakfast being held on Sunday, Nov. 12th at 9am, we will be having our final planning meeting this Wed., Nov. 8th at 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse.
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The Quilting Group
Posted on Wednesday, November 01 @ 12:01:03 EDT (4 reads)
The quilting group has started to meet again every Tuesday at 1pm in the craft room. Anyone interested beginners or pros welcome to come and enjoy.

Thank you,
Lot 645
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Posted on Sunday, October 29 @ 18:30:25 EDT (21 reads)

Due to election day, our HOA November meeting is moved to November 14th. Agenda is below:

Confirmation of quorum/Open the meeting/cell phones off

1.  Pledge of Allegiance - All

2.  Silent Prayer for our armed forces and BHP neighbors - All

3.  Open the Regular business meeting with introduction of new neighbors.

4.  Secretary's report - minutes of previous meeting; additions/deletions and accept as read - John Kratz

5.  Treasurer's Report - additions/deletions and to accept as read - Ellie Welcome.

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Directories and Birthdays
Posted on Wednesday, October 25 @ 17:27:47 EDT (5 reads)

In an effort to make the information accessible to residents the following changes will take place.

1) As before the directory will be posted on the secure resident area of the website. You must have an account or create an account on http://blueheronpineshoa.net/index.php to access. Two directories will now be posted one sorted by Lot Number and one alphabetically by last name.

You must use your BHP address when creating an account. Many existing accounts have been created with out of state addresses. These may be turned off at end of year if not corrected. Respectfully requesting that you log into site, click "Your Account" then click "Change Your Info" and correct any and all information that is incorrect and insert your BHP address. It is the only way we can reference and check who is accessing site to maintain security.

2) A separate Birthday and Anniversary listing will also be posted on the website. Only the month and day will be posted along with lot number, name and address. This will be the only way to get this information. Currently 85% of all homes at BHP have registered an email address with us. You will find Birthdays and Anniversaries under the menu item "Birthdays & Anniv."

If you are not listed on the Birthday Directory and wish to be you must email pg12572@gmail.com, and supply Lot, Name, Street, Birthdays, & Anniversaries, only the month and day...NOT the year. To send information and get on the birthday list email pg12572@gmail.com with the information.

If you wish to make a correction to the Resident Directory please email pg12572@gmail.com and give the correct info.

Many residents have asked why they do not receive emails that HOA sends out to the community.

If you wish to receive community emails that are sent out you must also create an account on BHP website. The email list is generated from those accounts. If you do not have an account or email is incorrect you will not receive these emails.

Accurate information is essential to keep the directories and email system running.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Mail Now Available
Posted on Monday, October 16 @ 14:47:15 EDT (8 reads)
You can now get mail. Must first present forms to office with picture ID and will be issued 3 keys. Work obviously not done yet but can now receive mail as boxes are being loaded.
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Mailboxes New Install and Requirements…
Posted on Thursday, October 12 @ 09:58:12 EDT (11 reads)

New boxes should be Installed on 10/12 & 10/13. You must stop by office with picture ID and complete a form to get keys for new boxes. Keys will be distributed once boxes are installed and kiosk is operational. There will be no mail for the two days required for installation.

Is a HUD requirement to maintain certain info. Bulletin boards will be installed for HOA and separate on for Sun to post notices. No more taping items to mailboxes. Mail is In sign will be installed

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Posted on Thursday, October 12 @ 09:57:26 EDT (68 reads)

Meeting opened with a brief recap of hurricane recovery from Xfinity/Comcast.

Charlotte County Sheriffs Office recapped the following...
No arrests in area
No suspicious persons calls
Stolen guns and property a problem...please lock cars as that is where many thefts are occuring
There will be a registration program for golf carts, bicycles once snowbird residents return.
Fraud calls increasing...if it sounds unbelievable it most likely is.

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