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BHP Dazzlers Luncheon
Posted on Friday, May 20 @ 19:20:02 CDT (5 reads)

The next Dazzlers lunch will be held on Friday, June 10 at Carmelo's restaurant in Punta Gorda at 1:00 p.m.  We will meet at the clubhouse at 12:40 pm

A signup sheet will be posted in the Club House.  Please sign up by June 7th and  indicate if you can drive with your phone number.  If you need a ride please call Jeanne. Also any further questions may be directed to Jeanne Michalak at 639-7321 or taffyap@comcast.net.  All Blue Heron Pines ladiesare welcome to attend.

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Problem with Google Chrome
Posted on Friday, May 20 @ 09:12:51 CDT (6 reads)
This issue is unique to Chrome version 50.

Some users are having trouble viewing PDF files using Google Chrome This issue came about on a Chrome update. A new update Chrome 51 is expected to be released on 5/31 and will hopefully resolve the issue. Items we post on the website that are multiple pages are being affected, you can only view the first page. As a temporary fix, you can try a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) or they can right click and select "Save Link as..." to download the PDF locally to your computer where you can open it up with Acrobat Reader.
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Memorial Day Weekend Cookout
Posted on Monday, May 16 @ 21:34:39 CDT (9 reads)

Sunday - May 29th, 6:00 PM on the Community Center Deck

Tables will be set up on the deck and inside the clubhouse.

Tickets: $5.00

Hot Dogs or Cheeseburgers (selection made at time of ticket purchase)

Macaroni Salad, Baked Beans, Dessert, Ice Tea and Bottled Water

Tickets will be sold:

Saturday May 21st - 9:00 - 10:00 in the clubhouse

Tuesday May 24th and Thursday May 26th from 2:00 - 4:00 at the mail kiosk or in case of inclement weather in the clubhouse.

Event Sponsored by the Blue Heron Pines HOA

For more information please contact Cathy Gesell

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Recap of Sun Meeting 5/10/16
Posted on Tuesday, May 10 @ 14:31:06 CDT (121 reads)
The meeting held today by Sun Communities, was an open format from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Easels were set up with engineering drawings and examples of changes coming to Blue Heron Pines. The bullet list of changes and improvements are as follows.
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Entertainment Committee Planning For Next Season
Posted on Friday, May 06 @ 16:27:40 CDT (38 reads)
Cathy Gesell and her group are already actively planning and booking entertainment for next season. Some great picks and surely some good times ahead. This is just little peek under the tent and more information

Will follow as the dates approach. You can read more by clicking the READ MORE link that follows and we have included some links so you can see some of the groups and what they do.
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Don't Feed the Monster
Posted on Wednesday, April 27 @ 19:08:03 CDT (13 reads)

Don't Feed the Monster

Fertilizer restrictions take effect on June 1st. Be part of the solution....not the problem. Help keep our local ponds and streams clean and free of slime and aggressive aquatic weed growth.

Charlotte County No fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus may be applied from June 1 to Sept. 30 to turf or landscape plants. -


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Hurricane Season is here.
Posted on Wednesday, April 27 @ 14:03:24 CDT (13 reads)

The Snowbirds have migrated North, summer’s heat and humidity will be upon us soon. As the years go on hurricane Charley fades into our distant memory, the it will not happen again mentality sneaks into our mind. Many folks living here now did not experience Charley, and many more have never experienced a hurricane. Therein lies the danger.

The link below will take you to the Charlotte County Hurricane Preparedness document that has all the information regarding hurricanes, their forecasting, potential for damage and death, as well as how to prepare for an advancing storm, where to go, how to create an emergency supply kit and more.

Our slice of paradise is in the strike zone and evacuation is a task the area is not well prepared for. Charlotte County but more importantly Punta Gorda have very few safe shelters ( Punta Gorda only has 3 and none allow pets ) should the next storm hit so preparation is all the more critical.

Please follow the link read the entire pamphlet, print it out and use it to be and stay safe this hurricane season


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Bingo fans have something to cheer about this summer...
Posted on Monday, April 18 @ 18:59:28 CDT (17 reads)

Sara Hire has graciously agreed to manage the financial portion, and we have located a few people who volunteered to "call". 

We are hoping to have at least 25 in attendance each week to make it possible so please tell your friends. 

If you have any questions, you may call Sara at 419-371-1254, or email her at sarahire83@gmail.com.   


So Bingo fans need you to turn out this summer as 25 is the magic number to make this work. That’s a good BINGO!

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''Thank a Vet'' a real nice gesture by the Blue Heron Pines Quilters
Posted on Monday, April 18 @ 18:58:09 CDT (67 reads)
For our main project, the quilters decided that they would like to make Quilts of Valor to honor service people in the park. We are currently working on 2 quilts that will be given to veterans at the BHP February 2017 Annual HOA Meeting. The group is interested in learning the names of all those Vets who have served their country, either in the USA or Canada.

To nominate yourself or someone you know in the park, we would like the following information:
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BHP Night at the Races
Posted on Monday, April 11 @ 07:49:01 CDT (15 reads)
The BHP Derby...or Save a Horse Ride a Broom Stick

It was a night at the races and the crowd turned out in style. The grandstands were full, the liquor was flowing, the bets were placed and the horses were ready. All had a great time. Many thanks to Dick & Mary Roller for organizing this fun event, and to all the volunteers that helped make it happen. Enjoy the pictures and remember...no horses were injured in the running of the races...not so sure about the riders!

Click Here to View Pictures

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The War Bird Squadron
Posted on Thursday, April 07 @ 11:35:15 CDT (114 reads)
They have been flying overhead in formation for a couple of weeks. These are the machines that young men learned how to fly, fight and die in during WW2.

Hope you enjoy the pics but more importantly remember. The young men who flew these machines would become the "Greatest Generation" They understood Honor, Duty and Country and many made the ultimate sacrifice. If you have enjoyed living a life cloaked in freedom that these men, women, and many others before and after them provided...Thank A Vet.

Click Here to see some pictures of beautifully restored aircraft
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Happy Hour Farewell Party
Posted on Sunday, April 03 @ 21:53:06 CDT (28 reads)

Happy Hour with Wendy & the Jammers was a huge success. Great turnout, nice music, fun games and a fond farewell to the snowbirds of Blue Heron Pines. Once again the hard work of Wendy McGregor made for a fun time for all. Thanks Wedny. Shelly Steingart you made a wonderful Master of Ceremonies. Two cheers for the Jammers who rocked it out.

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Closing Your Home For The Summer
Posted on Thursday, March 31 @ 20:46:20 CDT (17 reads)
Click Here for a useful checklist of how to properly close your home before leaving for the summer. Please remember to remove all moveable objects in your yard and ask a neighbor to check on the house when gone.
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Please Update Your Profile
Posted on Tuesday, March 29 @ 09:21:10 CDT (56 reads)
Please click the "Stay Informed" button on menu left side of page and update your account information. Accurate information is crucial for us to contact you and keep you informed of important events. Many residents have registered using their out of state addresses. We ask that you correct and use your BHP address. Also email addresses have been changed and need to be updated on your account.
Thank You
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Posted on Saturday, March 26 @ 17:11:46 CDT (17 reads)
9:30 A.M.
For more information, contact Lois @ 410-726-7264
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