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BHP Resident Directory
Posted on Friday, October 21 @ 13:58:26 EDT (3 reads)
We need everyone’s help in maintaining the Residents Directory and to keep it as accurate as possible. Information is gathered from many sources to update the directory but the largest source of accurate information is you. Please check your information for accuracy and if a correction is needed please send all the info needed to fix to pg12572@gmail.com

In the next few weeks I will be printing several hundred directories and leaving them in the clubhouse to accommodate returning friends and neighbors. Once this printing occurs the information will not change until January....if yours is wrong now and no correction requested it will unfortunately remain wrong for several months.

On a separate note there is a cost and time factor associated with printing these directories. Over the summer months 300 copies were consumed. One per household please, leave copies for your friends and neighbors.

Thanks for your help.
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Golf Course Update
Posted on Friday, October 21 @ 13:30:50 EDT (2 reads)
Tom Pearson and Ron Jessup recently met with Sun Communities regarding the golf course. Their report is as follows....

"Tom Pearson and I met with Chuck Valente from Sun Communities about the golf course. We explained our concerns about the upkeep of the course once it was reopened as a complete 19 hole course. He has assured us that he will make sure the golf course will be maintained the way it should be. He was going to tour the course with Brightview and the Community Manager of BHP to see what else needs to be done. ( That tour of the course took place the afternoon of 10/20 ) We felt the meeting was productive. The front nine should be totally open in the next few weeks, and the back nine not long after that. The HOA Board of Directors was made aware of our conversation with Chuck Valente."

Ron Jessup.

I am sure all golfers appreciate the time and effort Tom & Ron have put into being a voice for golfers in the community. Has been a while since good solid representation has been available to bring daylight to concerns regarding course conditions and issue.
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Candlelight Vigil
Posted on Monday, October 17 @ 21:38:50 EDT (4 reads)
A candlelight vigil will be held again this year at the pool area on November 27, 2016 at 7:00PM. As the holidays approach is a nice way to take a moment and recognize and reflect on loved ones lost, with a pleasant memory or thought as the holiday season begins. This vigil is in memory of our loved ones . If you have someone you would like to be remembered please advise Wendy McGregor .. wendymcgregor@ymail.com or leave a note at my door (210 Wendy Way) with name(s) clearly printed by Nov 20th.
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Shuffleboard and Bocce Ball Begin
Posted on Saturday, October 15 @ 16:42:08 EDT (11 reads)
Shuffleboard will begin Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 10:00 am. Bocce Ball will begin Friday, October 21, 2016 at 9:00 am. Meet at the courts to play.

A ton of fun and games everyone can play. If you would like to participate contact Russ Coverdale for more information or just show up at the courts.

No equipment needed and no talent for sure…just willing to have a good time.
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Update on our friend the Great Horned Owl
Posted on Saturday, October 08 @ 09:40:17 EDT (22 reads)
An update on our friend the Owl...

He is back in the wild after several baths and a good scrubbing ...and he didn't look happy about it. Small article in the Sun today. You can read it and see a picture of him getting his beauty treatment on the attached photo. Whooo Whooo.

To read the recent Sun article and see a photo of him getting scrubbed and buffed Click Here
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12/4 Pasta Dinner and Outdoor Café
Posted on Saturday, October 08 @ 09:32:17 EDT (11 reads)
Sunday, December 4, 2016, 2pm, Outdoor Café
(weather permitting back parking lot behind clubhouse if inclement weather will move inside)

Tickets $10.00 HOA Members
$12.00 Non HOA Members

Includes: Salad, Pasta and Gravy, Meatballs, Dessert
Wine and Water
(BYOB if you want something different to drink)
HOA Sponsored
Contact: Maureen Heger 732 259-0596
or Ray Cronk 973 800-7438

Tickets will go on sale at the Nov. 1 HOA meeting and every Tuesday and Thursday 2-4 at mailbox
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Flu Shots
Posted on Wednesday, October 05 @ 14:18:39 EDT (27 reads)
Flu shots will be given again at the Pro Shop 10:00am to 12 noon on 10/17.

Free with your Medicare card. Flu season is right around the corner
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Next HOA Meeting
Posted on Wednesday, October 05 @ 13:53:11 EDT (8 reads)
The next HOA Meeting will take place on 11/1/16 at the clubhouse 7:00pm.

Hope to see you there
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Verceal Whittaker Performs at BHP
Posted on Sunday, October 02 @ 11:41:17 EDT (7 reads)
October 22, 2016
Verceal..The Platters First Lady
$10 per person
BYOP and Snacks
To help with event please contact
Lynn Babbitt 941-628-8826

Don’t miss this one. The hit tunes of the 50”s and sixties performed by one of the greats Verceal Whittaker.
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11/19 HOA Dinner Dance
Posted on Saturday, October 01 @ 19:38:13 EDT (7 reads)
Preparations are underway for the HOA dinner Dance on November 19, 2016. Great menu, awesome entertainment. BYOB. If you have not joined the HOA, join now and come join in the food and fun. Information attached. Just click the image at left to view all the information

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Great Horned Owl
Posted on Saturday, October 01 @ 15:29:18 EDT (74 reads)
This Great Horned Owl was looking a little worse for the wear after a stormy night last night. He was spotted perching on a handrail on Wendy Way. Drenched, he just watched warily as we walk by and let us approach to within a couple of feet for the pictures. He was there for several hours until the sun dried out his feathers and then he was gone. Quite a sight, and an experience to get so close. Later in the day Peace River Wildlife Sanctuary was called and they picked up the bird. He was covered in a sticky substance that prevented him from flying. He was washed off, and kept a couple of days for observation but seems he will be just fine.

Click Here for Pictures
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2016 - 2017 Bowling Season
Posted on Thursday, September 15 @ 14:01:54 EDT (13 reads)

The 2016-2017 bowling season will be starting on November 9th. When we had our end of the season banquet in spring everybody who was there said they were returning

I am putting up a sign up sheet in the clubhouse.

Please sign up there or send an email to me at schram4021@gmail.com letting me know that you are bowling.

In the case of your spouse or significant other please let me know that that they are also bowling.

We also have many new people in the park and hopefully we will get some new bowlers.

Let them know how much fun it is and get them to sign up.

Please also let me know when you plan on getting here to start bowling.

I hope to form the teams be the end of September so that will give you the time frame for signing up.

Rick Schram

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Dazzlers Luncheon
Posted on Thursday, September 15 @ 13:57:20 EDT (12 reads)

The next Dazzlers lunch will be held on Friday October 21, 2016 at Trabue in Punta Gorda at 1:00 pm. We will meet at the clubhouse at 12:40 pm

A sign up sheet will be posted in the Club House. Please sign up by Oct. 18th and indicate if you can drive & with your phone number.

If you need a ride please call Jeanne. Also any further questions may be directed to Jeanne Michalak at 639-7321 or taffyap@comcast.net.

All Blue Heron Pines ladies are welcome to attend.

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Gator Tales Now Online
Posted on Thursday, September 15 @ 13:54:36 EDT (18 reads)
Please click the Gator Tales link to read the October issue
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2016 - 2017 BOWLING LEAGUE
Posted on Friday, August 19 @ 14:10:16 EDT (185 reads)
The Blue Heron Pines Bowling League will kick off their first week on 11/9/16. This is without question one of the most fun and popular events run each year.
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