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Dazzlers Luncheon
Posted on Sunday, February 19 @ 19:42:29 EST (1 reads)

The next Dazzlers luncheon will be held at Hurricane Charley's in Punta Gorda on March 3 at 1:00 pm.

We will meet at the Clubhouse at 12:30 pm

Please sign up by February 28th . If you need a ride please call Jeanne. Also any further questions may be directed to Jeanne Michalak at 941- 639-7321 or taffyap@comcast.net.

 All Blue Heron Pines ladies are welcome to attend

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Wildlife and Blue Heron Pines
Posted on Wednesday, February 15 @ 20:33:05 EST (4 reads)
The wildlife that lives in and passes thru BHP is really a treat and their presence here makes our community what it is. It has been noticed that some residents are feeding the wildlife and throwing food into the ponds behind their homes. Doing this makes some species human dependent, and some species such as alligators dangerous. The gators only follow their instincts and feeding them creates an association of humans to food. If a human gets too close and does not have food to offer the human becomes the food in the gators eyes. Please do not feed the wildlife...especially the alligators. We enjoy having them around and if you fed them you endanger them and eventually are committing them to a death sentence if they become aggressive. It isn't right and it is illegal to feed them in Florida. Besides the place wouldn't be the same without Harold!

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Tuesday Revenge
Posted on Wednesday, February 15 @ 07:47:13 EST (4 reads)
Here is part of Suz's group of Tuesday revenge players about to sing, eat, and celebrate Carl Allen's birthday in the club house.

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Golf Membership Appreciation Dinner
Posted on Thursday, February 09 @ 09:26:30 EST (5 reads)
The Golf Membership Appreciation Dinner will take place at 3:00pm on February 18th and NOT 7:00 pm. Call Matt with questions
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Free Dance
Posted on Wednesday, January 18 @ 22:05:58 EST (8 reads)
Dance is hosted By Ernie & Ethel DeBellis.
Seating is limited to 140 people.
This is a BYOB and snacks event.

Ernis can use some help in setting up this event,
If you would like to help contact Ernie at 941-505-9646 or see him March 3rd at the clubhouse.

2 Bands, Country Express and Ambush
Tickets available Friday March 3rd
at Clubhouse 10 to 11 AM
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Posted on Wednesday, January 18 @ 22:00:40 EST (7 reads)

7:00 P.M -10:00 P.M.

Plan on a great night of showing your support for your favorite college or high school sports teams.
The fantastic Goldtones will provide the memories from all of the Friday night sock hops. 
We would like to see everyone wearing something that shows your team spirit.
We plan on flying as many school flags or banners as possible in the club house, so if you would like your favorite school on display please contact Ronda Tobin at 239-470-9867 or Sally Sullivan at 941-505-8710. We promise we will return your items back to you in perfect shape.
Tickets are $10 per person for HOA Members and $12 per person for non HOA Members. Tickets will start being sold at the February 7th HOA Meeting and will be sold every Tuesday and Thursday at the mailboxes from 2:00 – 4:00 until March 23 rd.

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Friday Happy Hour at BHP Pro Shop
Posted on Monday, January 16 @ 15:09:12 EST (10 reads)
Your friends and neighbors having a good time at Happy Hour. Takes place every Friday from 3:00PM to 5:00PM at the BHP Pro Shop. Why not join them? Good friends, cheap drinks, plastic cups...what is better than that!

CLICK HERE to see pictures.
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Thank You
Posted on Tuesday, January 03 @ 20:18:26 EST (9 reads)
From Juliet Furnier
December 31, 2016 at 12:34pm ·

We were so moved and honored this morning to receive a plaque in Dad's honor that will be mounted out by the Bocci courts here at Blue Heron Pines in Florida.

Dad started the Friday morning Bocce games over 10 years ago and they continue to draw a faithful group every week even when the temps dip into the 50s. Dad had been named The Commish and even had a t-shirt with that title which he wore proudly.

Special thanks to Wendy McGregor, Lee, Fran, and Gene along with others who worked for the past two years on getting this special recognition for Dad. I'm sure the old guy must be getting all choked up and making some joke up there in heaven.

While Dad never saw the new Bocce courts he would certainly be proud of them and thankful to the park for building them!
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Karen's Network of Angels
Posted on Tuesday, December 20 @ 15:57:16 EST (110 reads)

What to say? A great idea and a real community effort to keep all of us here and healthy. Take a moment to read Karen's comments below and join in...because one day it might be one of us that needs a little help.

We are starting a new program here at BHP called “Karen’s Network of Angels”. 

When I had a resident come in to say her neighbor was not picking up after her dog, I went to the home to talk to her about this issue and found her in a wheelchair and unable to pick up after her dog. She was crying when she ask me to please not have her dog taken away her. I told her I was not there to have her dog taken away, Being a dog lover myself, it broke my heart. I told her my staff & I would walk her dog & clean up the yard until she was back on her feet.

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Mardi Gras Dance
Posted on Monday, November 28 @ 16:11:40 EST (17 reads)

January 21st - Mardi Gras Dance featuring Tammy Truitt Ticket on sale January 3rd.
(Coordinators: Lynn Babbitt and Ellie Welcome)
Rhode Island, Indiana, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Colorado, Arizona, West Virginia


More information to follow

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Blue Heron Pines Olympic Games
Posted on Monday, November 28 @ 16:02:58 EST (782 reads)
6 teams...6 events. Teams will be divided the same as entertainment groupings,
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